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About the Gold Coast Naturopath Clinic

5 Reasons to choose us to assist you with your weight loss:

  1. Professional Personalised Programs to Reach Your Desired Body.
  2. Regular Testing and Support During Your Progress Giving You Optimum Results.
  3. Qualified Caring Practitioners With Over 39 years Combined Weight Loss Experience.
  4. Scientifically Based Techniques Knowing You Are In the Right Hands With Us.
  5. Easy To Follow Eating Plan; No Restrictive Diets or Calorie Counting.

Recent studies have shown that 52% of Australian women and 67% of Australian men are overweight or obese. To make matters worse 25% of Australian children are overweight or obese. You could say that the increasing waistline of our nation is becoming epidemic proportion.

Being overweight is not only a cosmetic issue but a major driver of many debilitating diseases such as Diabetes Type 2, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, and Dementia.

There is NO Single diet that cures everyone, hence why you see a different diet or 'fad' featured on TV shows like "Today Tonight" or "A Current Affair". Many people follow these restrictive diets to lose weight, only to regain the weight again as soon as the diet stops.

Losing weight and keeping weight off is not just about restricting your food or exercising for hours. It is more than that. At Gold Coast Integrative Wellness, we educate you about how your body functions and the reasons that can contribute to your weight gain and struggle with weight loss.

Don't get us wrong, exercise and limiting fast foods and sweets will help your weight loss. However, the types of foods you eat, the type of exercise you participate in, your hormonal status, your thyroid function, your brain chemical balance, your liver function, the presence of bad bacteria and parasites in your digestive system, and your genetics all play a role in weight gain and obesity.

At Gold Coast Integrative Wellness, we help you to understand, in simple terms, how your body functions, allowing you to make correct decisions to optimise your weight and your health. Natural scientifically proven strategies are employed by the practitioners at Gold Coast Integrative Wellness. We work with you, supporting you in your weight loss journey.

Your weight loss progress is assessed and monitored through scientifically validated testing.

  • » BioImpedence Analysis allows us to measure your fat loss, muscle mass development and fluid distribution.
  • » Intestinal Dybiosis Testing helps us to identify any potential bad bacteria residing in your intestines which can prevent your effective weight loss.
  • » Gene Profiling helps us to identify any genes that can influence your fat production, fat metabolism and appetite. Having a genetic predisposition to poor body fat metabolism can explain a tendency to gain weight. Some genes influence your appetite and how much you eat before you feel full.

If you are serious about weight loss and keeping it off , then you must make an appointment to see Bianca Richardson or Teressa Todd at Gold Coast Integrative Wellness. Bianca and Teressa spend time with you and explain the reasons that your body has become overweight and effective strategies to weight loss. They will work with you to achieve your weight loss goal. As part of our support, you will receive regular emails to help support, guide and motivate you.

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