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Natural Fertility for WomenFemale Fertility

The natural fertility of a couple depends upon several factors including nutrition, sexual behaviour, timing of intercourse, emotions, lifestyle and hormonal balance of both the man and the woman.

Natural Fertility for MenMale Fertility

When thinking about natural fertility, there has been a shift of focus from primarily the woman to the natural fertility and health of the couple. It takes two to tango, as they say. The male contributes 50% to the baby and so it is conceivable that we should consider the male's sperm status and health.

Natural Fertility and PreconceptionPreconception

Preconception is the months prior to conceiving and falling pregnant. This time is just as important, if not more important, than the 9 1/2 months of pregnancy. The media portrays that we simply need to supplement with Folic Acid to prevent Neural Tube Defects. But preparing yours and your partners' body for the upcoming pregnancy is vital. It is about ensuring that your nutritional status is optimal for natural fertility.


Successful conception is about knowing your menstrual cycle and when is the opportune time of successful combination of the egg and the sperm.


Congratulations, you are pregnant! Now what? Emotions start to set in..... You question everything.....

Preparation For Labour

Labour is the transition of the end of pregnancy and marks the beginning of your beautiful new baby.