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A Picture Of Health - What Your Outward Appearance Says About Your Inner Wellbeing

There is more to your appearance than meets the eye! A surprising amount of information can be learned about a person simply by looking closely and observing. Before the advent of diagnostic lab testing, physicians spent a great deal of time studying the fine art of observation. All Medical practitioners are trained to look for outward physical signs to help diagnose a patient's condition. For example a person with a yellowish skin tone may be prone to liver problems, bulging eyes can indicate a problem with the thyroid, and pale lips indicate possible circulatory problems. Many of these physical signs are obvious to spot, but what most people don't realise is that there are other subtle signs that Naturopaths and other medical professionals are trained to look out for. When you visit a Naturopath, the consultation starts the moment you step through the door. Practitioners are trained in various techniques which can help establish the nature, and root cause of your condition.

First Impressions Count

By looking closely, a Naturopath can spot many clues as to how you might be feeling on any particular day. Is the person's face flushed, or are they looking pale and drawn? Are the eyes bright and clear? Does the patient walk confidently into the office, or are they limping and stooping? Are the nails dry and brittle? Tone of voice, facial expressions and body language all provide clues to the current state of health.

Looking Deeper

Naturopathy, as with other medical traditions has specialist techniques for observing a patient. This may take the form of pulse diagnosis, Iridology, tongue diagnosis or another method, to reveal subtle hints about your wellbeing. The job of a Natural therapist is to educate the patient to look out for these signs, so that they are empowered to see for themselves how their health is improving over time.

What is Iridology?

The eye provides a unique window into our bodies, containing many clues about our constitution (or unique make up.) The colours and markings of the eyes can tell us a great deal about the individual and their inherent physical weaknesses. For example, it is a well researched fact that people with blue eyes are more prone to allergies than those with brown or mixed irises. With the use of special iris charts, Iridology can be used as an effective diagnostic tool to help create an individual health plan uniquely suited to you.

Pulse Diagnosis

Therapists who have been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda may use the pulse as a guide to the patient's current state of health. People with a quick, light pulse may be suffering from anxiety, and people with a deep, slow pulse may have a slower metabolism. Again, trained practitioners are able to use these signs to help gain a better insight into the nature and cause of the patient's problems.

Tongue Diagnosis

Medical professionals around the world use the tongue as a guide to what might be happening inside the body. As the tongue is a part of the digestive system, it can provide vital clues about a person's digestive health. Is the tongue dry and cracked? Is there a coating? Are there any blisters? Is the tongue pale in colour or deep red? A trained eye is able to look at these clues and use them to form a diagnosis.

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30 July 2013