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Are You Stressed?

With the day-to-day build up of stress due to pressures of work, school, schedules, and the electrical toxins from TVs, pollution, computers and mobile phones, it is no wonder that we are seeing an increase of stress related illness even in children.  Manifesting itself in all manner of ways such as high blood pressure, migraines, cancer, lethargy and depression amongst others, the results of stress are some of the biggest killers in the world today. Stress is the result of living in the fast lane, a world of deadlines and pressures to succeed, an environment where commercial advertising fuels our need to want bigger and better.

It is the stress of our fast paced lifestyle that is in fact encouraging us to sit rather than exercise, watch TV rather than pick up a book or go outside and fall into unhealthy eating habits rather than take the time to cook a decent meal. The repercussions of this unhealthy lifestyle? Disturbed sleep patterns, poor nutrition, bad circulation, lactic acid build up and the biggest problem of all, cholesterol. All this creates stress in the body in the form of toxicity build up. Cholesterol alone has a lot to answer to, including but not limited to obesity, diabetes and stroke. Combine this with high blood pressure and poor metabolism and you can see the momentous task now facing our generation.

High cholesterol can be fatal if left untreated and while people tend to turn to pharmaceutical chemical solutions to treat it, they are missing a key underlying factor; general well being. Treating a symptom of stress such as cholesterol does not address the reasons for the cholesterol build up in the first place. Naturopathy is not just about cure, it is about prevention. It treats the body on a holistic level while strengthening our own natural mechanism for combating ill health. It puts back into the body the natural substances that fuel our immune systems, stimulate cell growth, regulate metabolism and provide inter cellular chemical interaction, all of which strengthens our ability to heal ourselves. From aiding the liver to rejuvenate itself to encouraging cell regeneration in the brain, the science of nutritional biochemistry targets the body as a whole rather than focusing on just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


Despite commitments and lifestyle demands, staying healthy on the inside is, one of the most important changes you can make in combating toxic build up from stress and ensuring you do not fall victim to high cholesterol and associated illnesses. Although naturopathic treatment needs to be accompanied by daily exercise and a healthy diet in order to observe its full effect, it is a step in the right direction and it much better for the body than other not-so-natural alternatives.

29 March 2013