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My Naturopath Gold Coast Blog Articles

Sleep and Insomnia – How to Promote Your Best Sleep!

A good night sleep is the foundation for health and wellbeing. There is more and more evidence of how lack of sleep can contribute to poor physical, mental and emotional health. Insomnia is an inability to sleep. This can include an inability to get to sleep, trouble staying asleep, or poor quality sleep.

6 January 2012


Weight Loss – Your New Year’s Resolution?

Many of us have made the resolution to lose weight in 2012. Did you make this resolution? Australia is fast becoming an obese nation. With such beautiful weather and beautiful surroundings there really is no excuse not to enjoy some outdoor time as part of your resolution. The issue is, for many of us, that we are choosing the wrong foods or too big a serving of food. But I am sad to say that weight loos is not just simply starting a diet and losing weight. If it were there wouldn’t be soooo many diet regimes out there and many weight loss companies willing to help you in your journey.

1 Jan 2012


Power of Positive Thinking

Another wonderful year is upon us, full of hopes and dreams and it’s all up to me and you to fulfil them. Since life is what we make it… What will you make it for 2012? There has been many energy moves in 2011 and I trust you are moving towards a life you thought possible.

31 Decemer 2011


Essentials To Promote Memory

Everyone has lapses in their memory from time to time. This is especially true when we are multi-tasking, stressed or distracted. But recurrent lapses or worsening memory blocks can be a sign of something more serious such as dementia. Today we are going to look at what you can do on an everyday basis to protect your brain and memory. As we age our brain ‘shrinks’, and toxins from our daily life (eg alcohol) can create oxidative damage and destroy brain cells. It was once thought that once a brain cell died that was it and there was no repair process. However researchers have found that the brain can repair itself or redirect neurons around the damaged area. This concept has been called ‘Neuroplasticity’.

29 December 2011


Sugar and how it Affects Your Health

Sugar is a controversial issue. We all know that it is not good for us, but do you really know to what extent, or how much you are actually consuming each day. Most of us have reduced the obvious forms of sugar in our diet but there are still a large number of us consuming large quantities of sugar on a daily basis.

28 December 2011