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Gold Coast Naturopath Free Health Test


Do you or have you ever smoked?

a) I currently smoke

b) I used to smoke and quit less than 15 years ago

c) I used to smoke and quit more than 15 years ago

d) I have never smoked


How often do you drink alcoholic beverages?

a) I do not drink

b) Less than once per week

c) 1-3 times per week

d) 4-7 times per week


How many standard cups of coffee would you consume in a day?

a) I do not drink coffee

b) 1-2 coffees per day

c) 1-3 coffees per day

d) More than 3 coffees per day


How much filtered water do you drink per day?

a) None

b) 1-3 standard glasses per day (500ml)

c) 4-6 standard glasses per day (~1.5L)

d) 7+ standard glasses per day (~2L)


How many hours of restful sleep do you get per night on average?

a) < 6hours

b) 6-7 hours

c) 7-8 hours

d) 9+ hours


Do you participate in a hobby or have time for rest and relaxation?

a) No, never/rarely

b) Average of once per month

c) Average of once per week

d) Daily


How much sun exposure do you get?

a) Very little - mostly inside and use sunscreen liberally when in sunlight

b) Some - majority of time is indoors but on weekends I go outside in the sun.

c) Moderate - I get some sun exposure through my daily duties or exercise regime, but am careful not to get sunburnt.

d) High - Direct sun exposure from daily duties (eg work outside) and don't use sunscreen consistently, can often get burnt or red skin after sun exposure