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If you Care about your family and friends ... You must read this.....

In this present time Internet is the ‘go to’ place for information, and this is especially true for information about health. Just about everyone has access to the internet and many find it easier to look for information through a search engines like google, youtube or facebook.

Many times I have had clients come to me with a self-diagnosis on what they think is going on with their health. I applaud that people are taking control of their own health, but sometimes the self-diagnosis is not correct.

Let me ask you, would you watch a video on youtube and then proceed to fix a gas oven or install an electrical device? If you did the wrong thing it could be catastrophic. Well the same occurs with health. The body is an amazing machine that works is able to heal itself but it must be given the correct conditions, and incorrect treatment can cause more harm.

To gain optimal health you need to have the correct information. But how do you get that information? Do you just read a person’s blog or watch a youtube video? How do you know where that person got their information and what are their qualifications? Did they just read someone’s else blog and decide they wanted to create their own. Do they really know the complex processes of the body and how these chemicals reactions all inter-relate?

Correct information comes from credible sources. How do you know if what you are reading or viewing is credible?

  •  What qualifications does the author have?
  • Does the person writing or listing the video have experience in the field that they are talking about?
  • What is their experience and have they researched all the aspects of this topic?


They are many articles and even whole websites written by people that do not have all the information needed to make educated decisions. We have all heard about the girl who faked her brain cancer and wrote many articles about health. Other health writers may have qualifications as an accountant or a chef but that doesn’t mean that they know about health. Some health writers are claiming that they have done a course and are ‘nutritional consultants’. Look at their course and what study they had to do before considering their advice.

I truly believe that people need to have information to help empower themselves in their own healing process. By having correct information, people can make suitable changes to their lifestyle and therefore travel the road of health. This correct information needs to come from those who have training and qualifications in health. Health is about looking at the individual and the biochemical processes that are going on and the interaction to their environment and lifestyle. A solution that fits for one person does not necessarily fit for another as we are all different. Our genetic makeup is as individual as our fingerprints.

When looking for good quality health advice look at those who have undergone formal study, and keep up to date with the current research.  Utilising the years of study and clinical experience of the health professional you will be able to work with someone that can help improve your health knowledge and as well as the health of you and your family.

As a graduate of an Applied Science Degree majoring in Biochemistry/Microbiology, and a university qualified Naturopath with over 20 years of clinical experience, I feel that I have the qualifications to help guide you to health and help educate you with the maze of information. If you are interested in good quality health, feel free to call us at My Naturopath Gold Coast.

23 June 2015