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Conquering Cancer Through The Naturopathic Diet

A naturopathic diet promotes healing within the body. Naturopathy relates to treating the whole body as opposed to the symptoms which have created a particular illness. Nutrition which enforces naturopathic standards encourage consumption of locally produced, organic foods. Nutrition Therapy in conjunction with Naturopathy promotes eating healthy foods which are less harmful to the body. In Naturopathy it is believed the foods we feed our bodies should serve as our medicine, promoting wellness and creating healing.

Naturopaths advocate for diets which are rich in whole foods, such as beans, peas, lentils and whole grains. Meals made with brown rice, carrots, cabbage, beet root, spinach, lettuce and tomato are instrumental in fighting diseases such as cancer.

It is believed by researchers, that by taking the right amount of vitamins, minerals, adequate fibre and water, disease may be eliminated. Foods which are filled with sugar, saturated fats or processed do not provide any nutritional value to the body. In the end, they cause diseases, indigestion and obesity.

What is Cancer? Cancer is nothing more than an infection within the body. Scientists have discovered that certain cancers like liver, lung and cervical, are merely advanced infections in the body. Once a diagnosis of cancer has been made the patient makes the determination to either work with the body's healing abilities or to decrease the burden of cancer with conventional therapies such as radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. Every patient creates his or her own path to healing and recovery.

A naturopathic diet makes sure the proper nutrients and minerals are being supplied to the body so there aren't any imbalances or deficiencies. Many times, the reason why people die or become gravely ill is because of malnutrition. It has been reported in statistics that 40% of cancer patients die from malnutrition. Through the naturopathic diet, the body thrives instead of just merely surviving.

In order to fight cancer effectively via nutrition therapy we must take advantage of juicing fruits and vegetables for optimal health. The cancer patient should indulge in balanced diets which include; essential fats, fruits, nuts, lean protein, leafy vegetables and purified water.

Foods such as rice soup, vegetable salads, vegetable soup, roti, vegetable paratha and fruit salads all help to strengthen the constitution of the patient while beverages made with lime water, carrot juice and wheatgrass further help to provide vitamins and detox the body.

A naturopathic diet which helps to fight cancer is colourful, cruciferous and contains bioflavonoids and quercetin. Powerful foods which help to treat cancer are as follows: Garlic, Mushrooms, Honey and Soybeans. There are many foods on the pyramid which provide therapeutic value with regard to combating cancer. Practitioners have also recommended that ancestral diets such as the Paleo Diet be put in place as part of the cancer treatment plan.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer they want to make sure they are eliminating the detrimental foods such as sugar, salt and caffeine from their diet and incorporating more wholesome and nutritious foods. Before resorting to aggressive modes of therapy; he or she should consider Natural Therapies as part of the treatment regimen. The patient usually finds the naturopathic diet plan most effective because it yields positive results pertaining to quality of life.

Nutrition Therapy reduces the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy. It also boosts the immune system. Consuming a balanced diet can reverse the damage created by cancer and it may generate healthy cells especially if found in its early stages.

A diagnosis of cancer is just the body's way of sending us a wake-up call to be more mindful regarding our stress levels and the way we choose to fuel our bodies.

30 June 2014