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My Naturopath Gold Coast Blog Articles

Essentials To Promote Memory

Everyone has lapses in their memory from time to time. This is especially true when we are multi-tasking, stressed or distracted. But recurrent lapses or worsening memory blocks can be a sign of something more serious such as dementia. Today we are going to look at what you can do on an everyday basis to protect your brain and memory. As we age our brain ‘shrinks’, and toxins from our daily life (eg alcohol) can create oxidative damage and destroy brain cells. It was once thought that once a brain cell died that was it and there was no repair process. However researchers have found that the brain can repair itself or redirect neurons around the damaged area. This concept has been called ‘Neuroplasticity’.

29 December 2011


Sugar and how it Affects Your Health

Sugar is a controversial issue. We all know that it is not good for us, but do you really know to what extent, or how much you are actually consuming each day. Most of us have reduced the obvious forms of sugar in our diet but there are still a large number of us consuming large quantities of sugar on a daily basis.

28 December 2011


Your Cleaning Products.. The Effects they can have on Your Health

Cleaning products are seen as a necessity when keeping a clean house. However the types of cleaners that you use to clean your house could be causing health issues in you and your family. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to our health – irritants to your eyes, skin or respiratory system, cancer causing, asthma inducing, or affects the reproductive system – causing infertility, low sperm counts, or menstrual changes.

27 December 2011


The Importance of Iodine

Iodine is essential for our health not only does it influence our thyroid hormones which controls our weight and metabolism, but also plays a role in protecting us against cancers, and promoting the mental health of our children.

24 December 2011


Anti Inflammatory Foods To Help Promote Your Health Part 2

We continue the review of anti inflammatory foods and how they can promote your health. This issue we will look at Pineapples, Pawpaw, Green tea and the ‘superfood’ Broccoli. If you missed last blog, then jump back to the Gold Coast Integrative Wellness blog page and read about how inflammation can influence our health and cause disease.

23 December 2011