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My Naturopath Gold Coast Blog Articles

Obesity and Genetics

Obesity or being overweight has become a major issue of society. Obesity is more than unhealthy or unpopular, it is life threatening. Obesity increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, some forms of Cancer, and Joint and Arthritic Problems.

11 April 2012


7 Essential Foods To Increase Your Fertility.

Foods play a major role in your fertility. By including specific foods into your eating plan, you will increase your ability for successful conception & pregnancy

16 March 2012


Mummy, I'm Happy

Out of the mouths of Babes! Its amazing how much your children can bring you back to the simple things in life. I was walking home with my daughter the other day when she said .....

27th February 2012


Juicing For A healthy Body

Juicing is known to promote health of the body, but just how does it do this? Are juices just another fad in the quest for health? Well, this practitioner doesn’t believe so. There is much information around about the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables. Juicing is purely a great method to consume larger amounts of fruits and vegetables than we would by eating. Juicing allows us to create a ‘health elixir’ that is easy to consume but packed full of goodness.

24 January 2012


Genetics and Our Health - What You Can do About It!

Your genes are responsible for your individuality, but they also are responsible for your susceptibility to disease. There is a common misconception that our inherited genes determine our fate in life. Researchers have found that this is not true. You can't change your inherited genes but you can compensate for their influence. Through genetic profiling, it is possible to maximise your genetic potential and change your health through smart exercise, nutritional and lifestyle modifications.

14 January 2012