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My Naturopath Gold Coast Blog Articles

Is It Time To Re-Think What You Drink?

Most people who are watching their weight tend to obsess about the type of food they consume without considering the number of calories, or nasty chemicals that may be lurking in the beverages they drink every day. Carbonated drinks come in many guises, all cleverly packaged to make them appear like a healthy choice.

29 November


Food For Thought: Is Going Organic Really Better For Your Health?

According to the stereotype, there are two kinds of people who eat organic food - hippies, and rich people who can afford it. With so many news reports and scare stories in the newspapers about pesticides, GM crops, and medication routinely being administered to the animals that produce our food, isn't it time we ALL started to educate ourselves about how what we eat is produced, and what exactly we are putting into our bodies?

31 October 2013


The Preventative Power Of Anti-Oxidants

Oxygen is vital to life. We simply could not survive without it. It is also a highly reactive substance and is responsible for a process known as "oxidation", which surprisingly, can actually cause damage to our cells. Oxidation is unavoidable, and is happening to every human body on the planet on a daily basis. The problem is not so much the fact that oxidation is happening, but rather how much of it is going on.

29 August 2013


A Picture Of Health - What Your Outward Appearance Says About Your Inner Wellbeing

There is more to your appearance than meets the eye! A surprising amount of information can be learned about a person simply by looking closely and observing. Before the advent of diagnostic lab testing, physicians spent a great deal of time studying the fine art of observation. All Medical practitioners are trained to look for outward physical signs to help diagnose a patient's condition. For example a person with a yellowish skin tone may be prone to liver problems, bulging eyes can indicate a problem with the thyroid, and pale lips indicate possible circulatory problems. Many of these physical signs are obvious to spot, but what most people don't realise is that there are other subtle signs that Naturopaths and other medical professionals are trained to look out for. When you visit a Naturopath, the consultation starts the moment you step through the door. Practitioners are trained in various techniques which can help establish the nature, and root cause of your condition.

30 July 2013


Are You Too Acidic?

Many people who come to visit us in our clinic are surprised to hear that ill health can be caused by the body being in an overly acidic state. The stress of our modern lifestyles combined with poor dietary choices, means that many people in Australia and indeed most other industrialised countries, are suffering from problems caused by what naturopaths term "acidification." But what does it mean for our health if we are too acidic?

10 July 2013